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Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura

ACS is very proud to have been given the opportunity to take over the aged care services in Pukatja from 1 July 2021.

The Pukatja aged care services include a 14 bed Residential Aged Care Facility, Tjilpiku Pampaku Ngura, and funding for community aged care services for Pukatja and surrounding communities.

The successful transition followed a comprehensive “transition in” process which involved many discussions with a range of relevant stakeholders including Anangu, the Commonwealth Department of Health and the exiting aged care provide – Nganampa Health. ACS would like to acknowledge and thank Nganampa Health for working with ACS to ensure a smooth and successful transition of the aged care services.  

Last minute COVID-19 border closures changed our staffing plans and ACS would like to thank our staff from the Aboriginal Elders Village (Carissa Lawrence, Beth Gardener, Michael Hammond and Neil Vawser) for travelling to Pukatja to provide care for the residents. There were some heart-warming moments when some Pukatja residents recognised our Adelaide staff from when they stayed in Adelaide during to COVID19 APY Lands biosecurity lockdown in 2020.

ACS would like to thank our residential services manager Warren Hall for his expertise, passion and commitment to caring for all Elders.

ACS is now providing aged care services in all major communities across the APY Lands.