Aboriginal Community Services was pleased to find out that some of our community members and friends are involved in events showing as part of the Fringe Festival. Perhaps other Elders in our community will find the works of Uncle Eddie Peters and Uncle Major ‘Moogy’ Sumner inspiring, as they continue to contribute to the Adelaide arts scene.

Uncle Moogy is a Ngarrindjeri man and world renowned performer. He is the co-founder and creative director of Tal Kin Jeri Dance group, and an advocate for Ngarrindjeri arts and culture. His event, Dupang Pangari (Coorong Spirit) Festival is a two-day celebration of culture. Complete with music, dance, workshops and more. The festival takes place at camp Coorong, on the shores of the river. Camp Coorong was developed as a cultural learning hub, and offers opportunities to hear Ngarrindjeri stories of the land, waters, trees, plants, birds and animals. The Dupang site will truly come to life from the 15th – 16th of March as people gather to showcase all things Ngarrindjeri culture.

Click here to buy tickets to Dupang Pangari Festival.

If you’re looking for something more central to the city, Eddie Peters has put together a show at The Gov titled Zenadth Kes Meriba Wed ‘Our Songs.’ Uncle Eddie told us that he remembers his family gatherings and celebrations on the Torres Strait Islands, and wanted to bring that same culture and joy down to Adelaide for us to experience. He’s selected a mixture of First Nations artists playing various genres. Eddie himself will be performing as a guitarist and front-man with his band. When asked what genre he likes to play, he said he asks himself the same thing! He supposes it is alternative – a fusion of country, reggae, and more. He told ACS that he’s especially excited to perform in front of community because they are always the best crowd!

Eddie enjoys bringing songs from the Torres Strait to the city, and many of his own songs reminisce on a more remote life. His song Freedom talks about feeling stuck in the city and craving to get away into the open air. He says that the event is family-friendly, relaxed, and a much cheaper cultural music alternative to $300 Womad tickets!

Click here to buy tickets for Zenadth Kes Meriba.

ACS hopes all of you attending the Fringe have an amazing time! We also wish any artists among us a successful Fringe Festival season.

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